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Dear Agency: How much is enough when it comes to digital marketing?


“I’m evaluating our current marketing plan.
How do we know if we’ve allocated enough to digital marketing?”
Please help! “

Dear CMO:

To make a long story short, Go Digital or Go Home!

But more importantly, Do Digital Right!


You can set aside all the resources in the world for digital, but if you aren’t smart about your choices and channels, then it doesn’t really matter the amount. Unless you get lucky, you’re going to miss your target every time. Chances are you already have a digital presence and a digital strategy. The big question is do your actions in the digital space cause you to reach the desired outcomes? It’s that simple. They either do or they don’t, and you need to define what will make the cut and remain as a valuable part of your strategy, and what needs to go.

The online marketplace has skyrocketed over the last several years, including online storefronts, digital brand influence, social media reach, and the online and mobile user experience. Making digital a priority in your strategy is key to keeping up with a growing and changing marketplace. Let’s focus your marketing mindset so that you plan smarter; thoughtfully discerning the elements of your strategy to be more effective and more efficient with your marketing budget. Knowing which digital buttons to press, and even better, which ones NOT to press can make a huge difference.

If you’re doubting in any way the influence digital marketing can have, and the opportunities that are attainable in that space, here are some fun figures that will hopefully spark some inspiration into your digital marketing journey.


You CAN get a piece of the pie,

and it’s a pretty huge pie!



In 2016, 67% more leads will be generated by companies with an active blog



Stat #2

Pinterest suggests that over 70% of its users are intending to purchase the items they are searching for. 70%!! That’s the proverbial fish in a barrel.



STAT # 3

InternetRetailer reported that they expect eCommerce sales to reach $414 Billion by 2018.

That’s a projection of nearly 10% growth each year.




Do Digital Right

In meeting with clients here at Rogue, we often find that they have a Twitter account or a YouTube page, but it’s been neglected, isn’t being used to its full potential (or correctly), or isn’t even necessary if its purpose isn’t furthering their growth. Below are some of the most important things you should be considering as a CMO or marketing manager to make sure you’re doing digital right:


Choose the right channels for the right purpose

Depending on your current goals you may be looking to build your brand image, engage more meaningfully with your customers, expand into new markets, or dive into the market by telling your brand’s story. Evaluating channels based on their best uses has saved a lot of our clients from spreading themselves too thin across the digital media playground. Focus on concentrating your digital efforts to the right places, based on the goals you’ve set.


Segment, segment, segment

Find the subset of your subset audience. Save your breath (and money) by only reaching exactly who you want to reach. Facebook and Google know more about us than we’d like to believe, and not using those audience specifics is leaving money on the table. Don’t talk to someone who isn’t listening. The extra research and time spent narrowing your audiences will give your messages a stronger impact in the right places and to the right people.


Base your digital mix on the specific outcomes needed.

Each part of the conversion funnel needs a certain type of message and a certain follow-up action to move potential customers on to the next step. Go to where the customers need to engage with you.  Don’t just talk your customers through the path to purchase, hold their hands and walk them there. For example, if your brand has tons of awareness and site visits, but not many conversions or return visitors your digital mix should be focused on channels that are most effective in boosting conversion at those specific points in the buyer’s journey.


Smart digital marketing can take you a long way towards realizing your current goals and securing future success. Get inside the head of your own company and define your purpose, strategy, and goals.  Ask the hard questions about what is and isn’t working, and reconfirm that all of your future digital pursuits will get you to the outcomes you want.  If you’re still not confident in your digital marketing plan, please give us a call. We’d love to help!

Rogue Marketing Agency

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