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Lifelong Learners Always Succeed: 26 podcasts that we learn from the most

It’s that glorious time of the year where we all begin reflecting on all that we have achieved, how much we’ve grown personally and professionally and maybe where we need to focus on improving in the coming year.  While there are always plenty of thoughts swirling around in regards to all those areas, one thing seems to be in common with them all – resources.

There’s a reason why it’s called a process. Growth is not a stagnant idea, rather a process or practice if you will. Here at Rogue we’re always talking about the practice of marketing and why you must think of it as an ongoing journey. What this mindset does is allow you to stop rushing to a finish line, but instead enjoy the process.

With all this said, we have to have resources to help us along this process. Those resources might be white papers, videos or even emails, but our most favorite resources to keep our little hamster wheels turning are podcasts. There are so many great ones out there and so we wanted to share the Team Rogue Top Podcast List of 2017! We’ve grouped these in a couple different categories for you to work your way through. You can’t JUST listen to your own industry resources all the time! Sometimes the best breakthroughs come when you’re doing something completely off topic. Here’s our list that we have learned the most from and plan on continuing to enjoy on into 2018.

Group 1: Our Favorite Marketing Industry Podcasts

  1. Adlandia – for a fresh perspective on the noise of the advertising/marketing industry
  2. McKinsey Digital – a weekly exploration on how digital developments are reshaping and transforming business
  3. Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs – an educational approach to building your B2B marketing strategies
  4. The Social Media Examiner – learn all the latest and greatest going down in the world of social media to help your business thrive
  5. Marketing School w/ Neil Patel and Eric Siu – a daily 10-minute does of actionable marketing advice
  6. Social Pros – insights from industry leading social media strategists, plus current trends discussed, ratified, debunked
  7. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield – Amy takes a #realtalk approach to discussing the ever-changing landscape of paid advertising
  8. Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer – digital marketing tactical tips & trends to help you apply changes today & build a stronger tomorrow for your business

Group 2: Our Favorite Business Podcasts

  1. How I Built This With Guy Raz – a podcast where innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists share their unique stories behind the movements they built
  2. B2B Growth – a daily podcast for anyone in the B2B marketing space and who are looking to achieve exponential growth in their business
  3. Masters of Scale – how do companies grow into the Facebooks and Netflixes of the world? This show has honest and hilarious interviews with infamous founders of these companies.
  4. Made for Profit – a great weekly show for small business owners who are looking to monetize their metalwork, woodwork, carpentry and anything in between
  5. The Marketing Book Podcast – in the rapidly-changing field of modern marketing, this is the weekly show to gather practical insights and tips to help you incrementally become a better marketer
  6. Rework – from leading female minds in AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. A deep dive into their cutting edge work.
  7. Angel with Jason Calcanis – angels & VCs discuss investment strategies & startup funding

Group 3: Our Favorite Motivational / Big Idea Podcasts

  1. The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast with Steve Chou – a podcast detailing those brave entrepreneurs who quit their jobs and the strategies it took to make their online businesses successful
  2. HBR Ideacast – a weekly podcast featuring the leaders behind the Harvard Business Review detailing their successful business and marketing strategies
  3. The GaryVee Audio Experience – the title explains it perfectly. This is a mashup of Gary’s fan-favorite #AskGaryVee show, his keynote speeches, interviews and snippets from his DAILYVEE video series. For those looking to gain an unconventional perspective on business, marketing practices, investing and more
  4. TED talks Daily – get all the latest TED Talks on the go with this podcast. They will cover all areas of the TED Talks from A.I. to Zoology and any other subject you can imagine
  5. Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell – a deep-thinkers dream audio experience that re-examines the original perception of past events, people, ideas and even songs
  6. The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe – a show about storytelling about the people and events you thought you knew
  7. Stuff You Should Know – all those overlooked topics you never stop to think twice about and even those things you think you already know, but do you? Covering everything from how landfills work to how vomit phobia works
  8. Unthinkable – a weekly exploration of how to trust your intuition to do more better work
  9. The Tony Robbins Podcast – the podcast for you if you’re looking to make a shift in the way you run and think about your business, relationships, health or finances

Group 4: Our Favorite Entertainment Podcasts

  1. Up and Vanished – a murder-mystery podcast following the cold case of a missing Georgia beauty queen. This one is interesting in and of itself as you follow the narrator in his ongoing investigation of the case week by week unfolding case details the Georgia Bureau of Investigation couldn’t even find
  2. Serial – called the podcast to revive all podcasts, this series goes through two interesting case investigations and unfolds new details, self-doubt, misunderstandings and short-comings to the justice system


We hope you enjoy our list of podcasts. This is a list that we will keep expanding on throughout next year, so keep an eye out for version 2.0 and 3.0 as we make our way through 2018. If you have any suggestions on podcasts we should check out, please let us know!