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While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep.37: The Makings of a Human Leader with Marcel Schwantes

Everyone wants to be… or at least work with… a great leader.
But how do the best leaders lead with greater humanity?

If you are the kind of leader that finds you need to:

  1. Build and execute a vision
  2. Exhibit influence as much as provide edicts
  3. Share the leadership load

…then this episode of While You Were Working (LIVE) is for you.

In Episode 37, we speak with Inc. Magazine syndicated columnist, author, leadership expert and founder of Leadership from the Core, Marcel Schwantes. He spent time discussing the practices “human” leaders have. This episode is chock full of ideas about creating a more human workplace, enrolling others in your vision and how to share the leadership opportunities.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 03:54  Why you should work to be like “Bruce”
  • 05:14   Results are important, but not at the expense of this…
  • 06:30  The six key behaviors best leaders exhibit
  • 07:31   Why it’s worth your while to extend trust from the outset
  • 08:35   How to keep conversation from becoming a competition
  • 11:50    Why great leaders will “park their thoughts”
  • 17:45    The counterintuitive thing every great leader will do
  • 18:39   Why leader-follower is out… and leader-leader is in
  • … and we could keep going.

Enjoy the episode//


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Email: info@leadershipfromthecore.com

Hire him to speak or catch an upcoming engagement: leadershipfromthecore.com


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