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While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 34: How to DOMINATE on Instagram as a Brand with Ben Blakesley

There are now more than 1 BILLION monthly active users on Instagram.

According to this recent research from Statista. So what do these BILLION (had to emphasize that again) active users like to engage with on Instagram? Do they even like businesses? Would they purchase from you off Instagram?

If these questions have swirled in a marketing meeting in your office recently, then you’ll enjoy this episode of While You Were Working (LIVE).

As of July 2017 (the most recent stat we could find via WordStream), there were more than 25 million Instagram Business profiles. And more than 80% of all accounts on Instagram follow a business profile.

So if these stats don’t convince you that your business can benefit from an Instagram account, then, well, there are probably more stats out there!

But if you are convinced that Instagram is a platform that will be a focus for your digital marketing strategy, then you’ll want to check out this episode of While You Were Working (LIVE).

In Episode 34 featuring Ben Blakesly, former Director of Global Social Media for Reebok, Ben is also the author of Get Social: a practical guide to using social media for business. Currently residing in the Boston suburbs with his socially adept wife, Lauryn, their three children, and their anti-social dog, Rufus.

In this episode we talk to Ben about the state of organic content, tips for using Instagram as a business and how to create your brand story to drive your brand visually on the Instagram platform.

Enjoy the episode//


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