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While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 17 – The more things change, the more they stay the same

The song lyric, “the more things change, the more they stay the same” really was ahead of its time!

Change is inevitable, though, if you take a step back from whatever appears to be fluid in it’s changes, you might actually realize it might not be that different from past versions.  We see this quite often through marketing trends, and today’s episode is all about the topic of change.

Several of the articles we mention today in our episode 17 of While You Were Working (LIVE) are following some recent ‘changes’ to happen in the world of marketing, but what you’ll hear us discuss is the ways these things are not actually that much different.

WYWWLive Episode 17 Article Links:

1. Mobile makes money moves:

Study: Mobile email conversions match desktop for first time

FINALLY! We’ve got data to show that mobile email conversions are catching up to desktop conversions in the e-commerce market. Now this is a welcome change for us marketers as we have struggled for a long time to transition consumers into feeling comfortable making purchases through their mobile devices.

This speaks strongly to topics we mentioned in episode 12 of WYWW(Live). Brands are putting more focus on mobile design and this is fostering an environment ripe for consumer engagement levels to increase on mobile sites and apps. And what does more time spent on your mobile site mean? MORE SALES!

2. Confidence is key:

Digital Marketers are Bullish – but not on email, study finds

97% of marketers feel successful in their strategic approaches to digital marketing, though, what’s caused this boost in confidence? You won’t see a drastic change to the tactics or platforms they are using, but something has them riding high (P.S. where can we find some of this special confidence juice?).

One thing to note in this article is the tactics they list as being most effective for their digital plan. Email was ranked dead last in effectiveness, though it makes us wonder if they are just ranking email among tactics that typically drive more of a direct response from consumers. What do you think?

3. Honest Abe was a marketing genius:

Improve Your Storytelling Skills with Abraham Lincoln as Inspiration

“Four score and seven years ago….” sound familiar? Almost every American can tell you who said these famous words, so why should your marketing messaging not have the same affect on consumers?

We are all focused on the next best app, social platform (or social media change – lookin’ at you, Facebook), when maybe we all need to just look at history. Perhaps this means things don’t need to change that often or that the changes we think are happening in our industries are really just a figment of our imagination?

This article was an interesting one and we hope it will inspire you to take some of the key structural pieces of this great speech and apply it to some of your marketing messaging, email campaigns, social media efforts and more!

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