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Your Campaigns + Marketing Psych >>> While You Were Working in Oct 2019

This past month, you’ve been knocking out goals…but you probably didn’t have time to read up on the latest and greatest in the marketing world. Don’t worry—here’s what happened While You Were Working.

Influence, Behavior, Conversion:

What Changes When You Change Your Audience’s Mind

The science and psychology behind successful marketing is intense; make no mistake, no successful marketing campaign is “just pretty words and pictures.” (Even if they were, how do you define “pretty”? What makes some words appealing, and others not? You’re in psychology already.)

In fact, the psychology of marketing goes right over the heads of many marketers today. When was the last time you saw marketing material that sounded something like this: “Check out these features!” “It can do so many cool things!” “We solve all the problems!” Answer: All too recently.

You’re here because you know that your audience needs to hear about their problems, not your solutions. No one buys an iPhone—they buy ease of use; they buy status; they buy technological advancement, or at least the appearance of it; they buy access to a social “herd”. But they don’t spend over $1,000 just to obtain glass, plastic, and metal. 

Do you know what your customers are really buying when they buy from you? And do you know how to convince them that when they buy from you, they are getting what they truly want?

Welcome to the psychology of marketing. Learn more about it in these articles released this past month…you know…while you were working:

How dopamine fuels the golden rule of content marketing, by MarketingLand

Anticipation: It’s the brain’s way of telling you that what you can’t have is extra valuable. And with the rise of video marketing, every brand has the opportunity to play with “commercials” of yesteryear in a new format. Bring on the cliff hangers. Tell stories worth watching. Make your audience want your ads.

Understanding search better than ever before, by Google

Google just released its latest—and potentially greatest in both scope and effect—algorithm update. It’s called “BERT,” and it makes huge steps in processing search intent rather than search keyword matches. In other words, AI is now more in tune with the meaning behind your words rather than just the words themselves. Check out how Google’s technology is becoming the psychology.

Marketers Need to Focus More on Psych and Less on Tech, by MarTechSeries

Did you notice that? A site named “MarTechSeries” says to focus less on tech and more on psychology. Plus the quote is from Quantcast’s CTO. Now that your attention is fully focused on why a tech exec goes to a tech pub to say, “Tech is less important,” check out the rest of this article to learn why oh why psychology is this important to the rest of the executive team.

The Psychology Of Influencer Marketing, on Forbes Agency Council

You’ve heard of “Wisdom of the Crowds,” right? Then you must have heard of belonging to a “pack,” a “herd,” or a specialized social set, too, right? Influencer marketing isn’t just about watching pretty people and wishing we were pretty, too. It’s about belonging to a global community. Dig deeper here.

2 Minutes with Rogue:

Balance Between Building Brand and Driving Conversions



There’s a balance between building brand and driving conversions. They aren’t necessarily separate, right? It’s unfair to say, “I put a $1.00 the Facebook ‘vending machine’ and got $1.50 back.” Hear the way Rogue approaches the balance of brand and conversion in this 1-minute clip.

While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 40: The Power of Video with Owen Video



If you’re the kind of person that knows video is a good idea, but struggles to get comfortable with the idea, and wonders if all the effort is really worth it, then this episode is for you.

Tune in to the first three or four minutes of the video to hear the Rogue video story, how we considered throwing in the towel and why we ultimately didn’t.

In episode 40, Rogue spoke with prolific YouTuber and Video Business consultant, Owen Video, to discuss the increasing influence of video in everyone’s marketing efforts. He shared how to use video as a part of a business sales funnel, how to find and talk to your tribe, and why video is even more valuable … and doable… than you think.

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