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While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 21 – the one about the rise of video marketing

Is video marketing on the rise because of the available technology at our fingertips or is there another deep-seated reason?

In episode 21 of While You Were Working (LIVE) we invite special guests, James Loomstein of Rogue Marketing, Jason Croft of The Jason Croft Show, and Jeff Crilley of The Jeff Crilley Show to weigh in on what marketers can expect from video marketing in 2018 and beyond.

Have you seen this Microsoft advertisement on TV lately?

It starts of by saying, “Today, right now, you have more power at your fingertips, than entire generations that came before you. Think about that.”

But then it goes on to talk about how this amazing technology that we have is just a tool, a platform, for the end-user to mold and shape into something useful.

So here is where our conversation around the topic of video marketing began.

Why the rise in popularity of video marketing in 2018?

Through the upgraded technology we all carry in our pockets, video has become a medium that consumers can easily digest and actually prefer to digest.

Additionally, we’ve seen platforms like Facebook and Google shift their focus towards creating more meaningful interactions and experiences for the end-user. Video plays a big part in this larger strategy. The ironic thing about this is that these platforms are actually the reason the online culture is what it is today for both consumers and marketers.

From the consumer’s perspective, they have become increasingly wary of online marketing. The rise of conscious consumerism has been a huge driving force into why businesses and brands really need to consider video as a marketing vehicle of choice.

Video Technology: The Good, The Bad, The Difficult

As with any trend, there is an influx of apps and tools for marketers to peruse and test.

Jason Croft, owner and “Credibility Craftsman” extraordinaire suggests:

“If you’re looking for a place to get you from zero to going,” says Jason, “then here are some tools to consider.”

A creator app good for adding easy graphics and music to videos with Promo

Easy editing capabilities and a vast library of styling options and themes with Rocketium

Easily add graphic overlays, noise removal, transitions, and more. Like a user-friendly editing suite at your fingertips with Filmora

Transform articles into videos with Lumen5

As for hosting videos, there is a multitude of places you can do this from YouTube with its dominant ecosystem and SEO strength to third-party hosting sites like Vimeo and Wistia. However, these are just the basic strategies. You can also consider Facebook as your new video hosting platform with its new video library section on business pages where you can create curated playlists of all your videos and even feed them into Facebook Watch, their answer to Netflix and Hulu.

Are there examples of brands doing video well?

What are some ideas on how marketers can started using video right now?

Additional Resources on Video Marketing:

“85 percent of digital marketers plan to increase their video investment for mobile marketing efforts in 2018, up 10 percent over last year,” says Marketing Land. Majority of mobile marketers plan to increase video spend in 2018

It’s all about transparency and personalization. People want to connect with brands and they are increasingly becoming more leery of online branding without feeling a connection to the brand. How to Create an Effective Digital Video Campaign That Actually Converts Customers

Video is on the rise due to its digestibility and retainability from consumers, plus with the increasing demand of social media advertising, you’ll want to make sure your message is remembered. Additionally, consumers will feel more connected to a brand because of the transparency and ‘realness’ of video. 32 Video Marketing Trends in 2018 that Every Brand Needs to Know | MarTech Advisor

A recent campaign done through Instagram Live from Macy’s puts a good video campaign on display. Macy’s hacks Instagram’s Live Share for spring campaign | Marketing Dive

Facebook is rolling out changes to how consumers are supposed to use their products, but what they are neglecting to remember is that they have created this online user behavior over the past 10 years and they can’t just fix it overnight by creating a new area to encourage people to ‘WATCH’ videos. They have essentially created a society of A.D.D. scrollers and are trying to slap an Adderall band aid like WATCH on us and expect it to work immediately. How Facebook Is Luring Media to Its Latest Video News Hub | Digital – AdAge

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