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While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 22: the one about growth hacking

When you hear the term ‘growth hacking’ what comes to mind?

Is it something like this:

WYWW(LIVE): the one about growth hacking


The common misconception about ‘growth hacking’ is that it’s some mad scientist marketing techniques that happen to get results every once in a while after about 9,000 experiments.

Luckily, were here to disspell a few common misconceptions about growth hacking. This is a very special episode of While You Were Working (LIVE) because we welcomed growth hacking extraordinaire, Ross Simmonds.

So, what is growth hacking?

It’s in that moment when you feel that your marketing efforts and revenue growth has become stagnant that inspires good growth hacking. Especially in the digital world we all live in now, growth hacking is more about experimentation in a focused effort to produce measurable results for your business, but done in a quick manner.

Even though we all know that it still takes some effort to execute any type of campaign, the death of a growth hack is going to be over-thinking and over-engineering. The what-ifs will creep in and begin to cause you to retract into what’s ‘safe,’ even though that path is not giving your business that jolt of growth it’s needing. So, don’t get bogged down in the what-ifs and stay focused on the what-cans.

Here’s the full list of growth hacking tools mentioned on this episode:

1. Trello | helps to manage projects in a visual format and promotes a long-term strategy mindset
2. Google Analytics | the best way to dig into the nitty gritty of your stats
3. Mixpanel | tracking app stats
4. dux.soup | a chrome browser extension that automatically allows you to visit multiple Linkedin profiles
5. narrow.io | identify keywords or hashtags on twitter that you want to automatically like
6. Chatfuel | a chatbot building platform that allows you to create a closed-loop communication funnel through Facebook
7. Hotjar | track what users are doing on your site and record where their mouse tracks on your site
8. Hellobar | allows you to communicate with a user in the exact moment that they are interested in your product or content piece

While these are all fantastic tools, there are thousands of others out there that can all do various tactics. The key to using these tools is to first identify what the obstacle is that you’re working to overcome. Do you need more contacts in your business development funnel? Then something like dux-soup would work for you. So our advice for you is to take a few minutes and write out what it is your trying to overcome. Clearly identify the problem and then the solution will easily be found.

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Additional Resources on Growth Hacking:

When you deploy a growth hack and pair it with a more long-term marketing strategy your results can be amazing. Capturing growth and a new audience sustainably requires both.

Growth is ingrained in us all, especially in the marketing and business world. Facebook’s recent backlash and changes are revealing just how intricately this concept was woven into the DNA of Facebook’s business model.

The polarizing memo of Bosworth, on of Facebook’s key players in large growth initiatives and how he describes how Facebook built their entire business model around growth (and how to get more of it at the cost of its user base).

Many companies started out with growth hacking tactics to expand their customer base, such as Paypal, Hotmail, AirBNB, Facebook and more. https://customerthink.com/will-you-become-one-with-growth-hacker-marketing/

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