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While You Were Working(LIVE) Ep. 28: The New Era of Full Funnel Marketing

Alive are the days of the channel agnostic strategies.

Hey Rogue Nation! It’s time for another episode of While You Were Working (LIVE).

If you’re a marketer, have you felt the weight of unrealistic expectations giving you anxiety and stress sweat on a daily basis in the last couple of years? As a business owner, have you thought to yourself, “I’m not really sure what ROI our marketing is bringing, but we sure do spend a lot of money”?

Is it true that everyone is measuring everything but learning nothing? Why is that?

In Episode 28 we dive into the world of Full Funnel Marketing with special guest Jarrett Shaffer. Jarrett is a seasoned digital marketing strategist and paid media director. He is the founder of Wundervue, a paid media marketing company where he has pioneered a modern approach to full funnel marketing programs. Jarrett brings more than 8 years of experience in the digital space; from web development to media planning, to content marketing and beyond, Jarret understands what it takes to fully execute the full funnel marketing strategy successfully.

In the next 20 minutes or so, we’re going to dive into what full funnel marketing looks like in today’s digital marketing landscape, how this should be displayed in the number one offender – reporting and how does one go down the path of turning into a full funnel marketing machine (WITH the C-suite’s buy in).

Enjoy the episode//


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