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While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 29: Top Viewer Questions Answered

Viewer questions about chatbots, attribution modeling and if video marketing is just a fad. Just a few of the things we cover in today’s episode!

This is a super special episode of While You Were Working Live. Over the course of the first 29 Episodes of the show there have been several viewer questions per episode and you know what they say? If one person has the question, then at least 5 others have thought the same thing. So we’re taking the opportunity to share some of the viewer questions from our top 5 most popular episodes in hopes that it will provide value to some of our other viewers (and new viewers)!

Here are the questions covered during the episode and below the video you will find the links to the specific episodes that the questions are referencing.

  1. From Episode 23 about Sales & Marketing: Our sales & marketing teams are very territorial. How do we combat this to align the teams better?
  2. From Episode 22 about Chatbots: What’s the most successful way you have seen a chatbot be implemented?
  3. From Episode 26 about Attribution Modeling: Can you explain more about the differences in the customer journey?
  4. From Episode 21 about Video Marketing: I never watch videos online with sound, so why is it such a big deal in the world of marketing?
  5. From Episode 28 about Full Funnel Marketing: This concept sounds super smart. Any tips for talking to my boss about changing up reporting to showcase this better?


Additional Resources //

-Ep 23 about Sales & Marketing:


-Ep 26 about Attribution Modeling:


-Ep 21 about Video Marketing:


-Ep 22 about Chatbots:


-Ep 28 about Full Funnel Marketing:


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