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While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 32: The Greatest Entrepreneur Hacks of All Time According to Jon Nastor

If you give the milk away for free, they won’t buy the cow. WRONG.

One of the greatest entrepreneur hacks of our time was born from a little website you may have heard of before – Facebook.

Back in its inception, Facebook was just another website started on Harvard campus. Everyone is familiar with why it started (an easy way for students to see who was dating who on campus) but what you may have missed was why it worked in the first place. IT WAS FREE.

Now a days, there are an abundance of tech companies and apps out there experimenting with the pay for the platform for revenue or give it out for free to acquire users with the eventual goal of being paid by advertising dollars.

This folks, is what I call one of the greatest entrepreneur hacks of all time, but this is just the beginning.

In Episode 32 of While You Were Working (LIVE) we talk to Jon Nastor of Hack The Entrepreneur, a podcast for anyone looking to grow, start or even consider an online business.

You’ll learn 5 lessons every entrepreneur should know, the secret sauce that makes someone a successful entrepreneur and why Jon still has a soft spot for Blackberry.

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