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Why You Need To Focus More On The Consideration Phase

On the way from awareness to purchase is the highly volatile — and often overlooked — consideration phase.

But smart marketers know that marketing’s new mandate is not attracting attention… it’s holding it. And that’s what takes place in the consideration phase.

With so many channels, it’s easy to become paralyzed by choice, but we literally can’t afford to maintain the status quo without examining our current results and our audience’s ever-changing preferences.

For a change of pace, RogueTHINK is taking you to podcast land. You can listen to the recorded episode over on Marketing Profs | How to Own the Consideration Phase

Attract attention with your marketingYou’ll hear:

  • The skills marketers need to succeed
  • Why the consideration phase needs your attention now
  • What should be included in your buyer journey
  • How budget should be allocated

As you listen, ask yourself if you could benefit from downloading Rogue’s Buyer Journey Template. This template will get you thinking about the many assets you’ll want to have ready to help a potential buyer make a decision to purchase your service or product. 

The framework may be straightforward, but that doesn’t make it easy. And that’s where Rogue can help. Should achieving your marketing outcomes require an “easy(er) button,” this group of rogue marketers is just a click away.
“Marketing’s new mandate is not attracting attention… it’s holding it.”

About James Loomstein

Marketing professor and agency owner, James Loomstein, is a frequent presenter who urges marketers to focus their efforts on the consideration phase of the buyer’s journey. Managing Partner at Rogue Marketing, James has more than 15 years’ experience in strategic planning, digital marketing, and consumer insights.

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