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How to Effectively Communicate Value

As with most things, you are only as good as your last interaction… The world is truly a “what have you done for me lately” kind of place. That’s why it’s incumbent upon agencies… and individuals… to constantly communicate the value they are providing.

But here’s the rub. When it comes to communicating value, one of two things will happen, either:

  1. Nothing’s ever said and there’s an assumption that the people you are working with KNOW the value that’s being provided, or
  2. You communicate the “value” you’re providing, but the team has an outcome they are looking to achieve and they don’t perceive that they are receiving what they had hoped to.

So how do you know that your activity is lining up to the outcome the client desires? It’s as “simple” (yep, that means hard) as knowing your buyer’s challenges.

It’s About Them
In the end, your client/buyer cares about themselves. It’s not about the valuable assets, features and functionality that the solution or product brings… And yet, this is where 99% of marketing messages seem to stem from. We have to do the harder work of connecting to the value in the buyer’s mind. What will this project do to transform their reputation, position on the team, personal life etc.?

Now, there are certain things that are table stakes: quality, reliability, ability to grow profits, lower the cost of doing things themselves etc. If you’re not doing these things, it’s game over. While those areas are important, they’re just one small part of the value your client will want to hear about. And you’re in trouble if you think they’re the most important.

Here’s why. If that’s all you ever talk about, then someone else will come along talking about the same things and promise to do it faster and at a lower price point. Trust us, we’ve been there. And your client will be highly motivated to check that out – after all, what they perceive you offer is simply a commodity.

Time to Separate Yourself
You probably don’t consider the work you do to be a commodity. Which is why you absolutely need to do the harder work to understand what makes your client tick. When you do, you’ll be speaking to your client’s humanity… and these days, that’s a sure differentiator.

How can you demonstrate value that resonates? Here is a brief list of buyer challenges that Rogue works with clients to solve. We’ve been able to show that we know how to:

  • Remove areas of friction
  • Ask the right business questions to ensure a stated outcome
  • Execute a new vision (even as the business maintains their status quo)
  • Elevate their peer and market status
  • Synthesize options
  • Organize chaos
  • Find white space
  • Align priorities
  • Increase speed to solution
  • Demonstrate long and short-term value
  • Connect dots
  • Integrate with other agencies (or bring alignment to multi-agency efforts)
  • Anticipate needs

Value is in the eye of the beholder.

Some people might say that Rogue simply performs the same services other agencies do… except we don’t. Are you ready to work with a team that aligns its work to the challenges you have? Then it’s time to Go Rogue.

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