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While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 11 – Listening to Customers Achieves Results

Listening to your customer base may just help your brand find its edge over the competition. Sometimes, customers will make their points loud and clear by not saying anything at all, but what does that mean to us marketers? How do you “listen” to silence?

It could mean a number of things, all of which our articles in this week’s While You Were Working Episode touch on. Anything from disappointing your customer base by not remaining customer-centric to being difficult to interact with as a company can turn someone off. So they may have filled out a form, purchased from you once, but then they “ghost” you and don’t interact beyond those points. Sometimes, this silence is the most important thing a marketer needs to listen to and act upon.

Today we review some of the ways brands neglect to really listen to their core consumer base causing costly mistakes and brand ghosting to happen.

In this week’s While You Were Working (Live) episode we discuss:

  1. Top Ways Brands Disappoint Customers
  2. How to Make Nurture More Natural
  3. Platform Updates Users Will Like

WYWW Live Article Links

1. Are you even listening:

How Brands Disappoint Men & Women Most

Yup. There are differences between how brands satisfy different sexes, but really those differences were slight. Out of all the business practices in the survey, customers who felt an emotional connection to a brand were most satisfied.

How do you know if your core customer base likes what you’re doing and how you’re interacting with them? By listening…

While there were some slight differences in the importance of what brands did to make them the most satisfied, we discuss in today’s episode the three most interesting findings from the Marketing Sherpa research report. Be sure to take note because these three things are a top priority for how your business and brand should be listening to its core consumer base.

2. Oh yeah, we go way back:

How to Nurture New vs. Existing Leads

In today’s marketing landscape, brands can feel like they are playing whack-a-mole with all the customer touchpoints.

One simple rule exists for talking to either new or existing leads: keep them moving.

Just like in the world of dating, when you come on too strong it can be a turnoff. If you don’t ask them out on another date in a timely manner then they are likely to move on.

This article is an especially important one for those in the lead generation business. What this boils down to is when you listen to your customer base, they may actually not say anything at all, which is actually the most powerful message you can glean from them and it’s a signal to move on.

3. Oh, did you see that new filter: Social Platform Enhancements You’ll Love in 2018

Snapchat’s Redesign Splits Social From Media

Youtube Increases Content Moderation Staff

Facebook Opens AR Platform and “World Effects” to All Developers

Ok, these changes are more than just new filters (not that new filters aren’t our absolute favorite changes). They are changes that are coming directly based on listening to the core consumer base of your product.

Snapchat, Facebook and Youtube are all bringing these changes to their platforms to make them better for their end-users and solve a few pain points that, should they have chosen to ignore, could have resulted in a loss of engagement with their product. Check out the articles above or watch our full video to hear what some of these updates are and why they are important for you!


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